• As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of bottles and closures, the company serves beauty, personal care, fabric and home care, food, beverage and oils/lubricants segments. While the majority of people do not know who make the actual bottles and caps for their products, it is very likely that some of ALPLA’s products are sitting in most homes in Henry County as well as the rest of North America.
    “Alpla has grown its Henry County workforce from less than 50 in 2001 to over 200 in 2014. We call Henry County home to our North American Service Center and Technical Center. We would not have been able to accomplish this growth without the support of Henry County.”
    “Alpla has partnered with The Henry County Chamber, the Henry County Development Authority and the local educational system to foster technical professionals in the manufacturing sector.”

    “Our proximity to ATL and the support from Henry County has allowed Alpla to grow its manufacturing base in North America.”

    Michael Koenig, Director of Finance for ALPLA

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