Creating Safety in the Workplace


There can be serious hazards at any place of work, from large manufacturing plants to small businesses. Physical hazards can include, but are not limited to, frayed electrical cords, unguarded machinery, exposed moving parts, constant loud noise, working from ladders, scaffolding or heights, spills, and tripping hazards. There are also ergonomic hazards which can occur when the type of work you do puts a strain on your body, such as poor lighting, improperly adjusted workstations and chairs, frequent lifting, and repetitive or awkward movements.

Whether you are an employee or the CEO, you need to be prepared. Here are just a few things you can implement today to prevent injury at your workplace:

  • Keep safety a part of the everyday culture.

  • Keep employees updated on the latest safety regulations.

  • Develop and implement a system for the team.

  • Keep the work space clean, organized, orderly, and free of hazards.

The most important thing is to know how to identify an unsafe environment. Visit the Occupational Safety & Health Administration for the most current safety regulations.


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