Piedmont Henry Asking for Community’s Help to Slow Spread of COVID-19

Last week, Piedmont Henry made the difficult decision to temporarily restrict visitation due to the widespread incidence of COVID-19 in the community. We realize that this is very difficult for our patients and their families and friends, but we need to keep our patients and staff safe. The number of COVID-19 cases at Piedmont Henry, and throughout the state and nation, is increasing and the hospital also has a high number of patients with other ailments. The decision to restrict visitation was made in the best interest in the health and safety of our patients and staff. We know how important human connection is to our patients, so we encourage friends and family to use digital resources to connect with their loved ones in the hospital and to assist them in their care and recovery.

Recently, news about vaccines has inspired a great deal of optimism that we are nearing the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we are excited to start vaccinations at Piedmont Henry and throughout the healthcare system, it will be several months before the use of the vaccinations is widespread. In the interim, it is vital that we all continue to take COVID-19 seriously and do everything we can to slow the spread. Unfortunately, that means a few more months of wearing a mask and distancing yourself from others. It is not a popular message as we head into the holidays, but we saw a big increase in the number of COVID-19 cases because people did not engage in safe behaviors during the week of Thanksgiving.

Our community rallied behind the hospital during the initial surge of COVID-19 last spring. It meant a lot to our frontline staff to see citizens praying outside our hospital, donating meals, and even participating in a parade throughout our campus. We are now in the third surge and it looks like it could be the worst one yet.

We need you to show your support and compassion for our team, and your friends and neighbors, once more by doing everything you can to slow the spread of this disease and protecting others. As the COVID numbers edge up, please know that the commitment of our front-line workers is unrivaled. They are heroes. But let us not ask too much of them and let us not stretch them beyond their limits. They are only human. They need our support and dedication to doing the right thing.

Remember: COVID deaths are preventable. That leaves us with one option: we must collectively practice the behaviors that effectively reduce transmission and avoid another surge: wear a mask, watch your distance, wash your hands. It is not enough to do one of these by itself. You must practice them all the time at the same time. And please avoid indoor gatherings with people outside of your immediate household. Outside is always best, but the best way to be safe is to stay home for the holidays.

Our purpose at Piedmont Henry is to make a positive difference in every life we touch. You can make a positive difference for our staff, and the community, by helping us slow the spread of COVID-19 by practicing these safe behaviors.

Thank you for your cooperation, your vigilance, and your support.

Lily Henson, M.D.
CEO, Piedmont Henry Hospital