We Are Your One Stop Shop for Relocation and Expansion


Whether you are starting, relocating, or expanding your business, we are ready to help you in the process! Our Site Selection Services include narrowing site options, site visits, incentive research, market research and workforce development. We understand that searching for the perfect building or site can be a long and hard process, so we will help you get a customized building and/or site presentation based on your specific requirements. 

Along with helping you in the site selection process, we will ensure introductions with current Henry County business owners, and connect you with local education institutions like Southern Crescent Technical College, Clayton State University, Gordon State College, Mercer University and the  Academy for Advanced Studies. Henry’s qualified workforce is trained by the nation’s most renowned universities and technical schools such as these. We will also provide you with taxes & incentives assistance and research & data services.

We will connect you with the Henry County Chamber of Commerce, as we collaborate with them to ensure economic development in our county. Together we work to bring new business into our rapidly growing county and strive to make the existing businesses thrive.

The Henry County Development Authority will ensure you have everything you need to to grow your business here in Henry! Contact us to get started.

Learn more about how we can help you by visiting ChooseHenry.com.